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Jain Marriage
Jainism is one of the prominent religions practiced in India. Maharashtra has the largest Jain population among all states followed by Rajasthan. Jains are a peace-loving community with deep sense of spirituality that guides their traditions. Jain weddings are typically simple although they involve a lot of intricate rituals that are governed by the strict Vivah Vidhi dictated by their religious texts. In Jainism, marriage is considered a worldly affair that increases human bondage, but it is encouraged nonetheless by the scriptures as it recognizes the dependence of two living organisms on one another. While certain traditions are sacrosanct to Jains, certain rituals are a result of regional and cultural influences. Jains prefer matches within their own community so that the traditions are carried forward. The practice of dowry is highly condemned by the entire Jain community. The weddings are conducted by a Jain Pandit preferably, but in certain cases it is also performed by a respectable person of the community who has proper knowledge of the entire process and its significance. Read on to know more about the wedding rituals of Jain marriage.

Thus, the marriage rituals among the Jains are not the same throughout India and vary considerably between communities and regions. Still the Jain Acharyas from both Svetambara and Digambara sects have tried to give uniformity to the marriage rites so far as their followers are concerned. In this way the prominent rites of the marriage ceremony are practically the same among Svetambaras all over India and the same is true about the Digambaras as well.

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